I'm Petra, a freelancer web/UI designer
with a long-time passion for creating functional and beautiful digital products.

I’m Petra.

A freelancer web/UI designer with a long-time passion for creating functional and beautiful digital products.

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What is it like to work with me?

“Before Petra arrived to this agency, all graphics were done by me. Later on, due to the lack of time it required from me, I trusted Petra with these tasks – and I got to understand what it’s like to work with a professional. I gave up graphics very soon, since her works resulted in far better feedback from our clients’. Since our co-operation started, we are seen as the professionals we are. This standard of design represents a different values, creates different ideas about us in our clients’ minds. Their perceptions about us has improved greatly, and I’m proud of everything single one of our graphical products that left this office. Thank you, Petra, for your valuable work!”

Richárd Temesvári, Vác
online marketing trainer at Websiker Ügynökség

“Petra helped with my personal website where she dilligently and efficiently created both the design and the structure. I initially had certain wishes for the website that due to limits on the hosting platform were unavailable, but Petra was very knowledgable about the alternatives. Any feedback or questions I had were answered quickly and I am positive we arrived at the best possible solution.

I hereby give Petra my best recommendations!”

Jeppe Feld, Oslo
consultant for Capgemini Norge

“Petra is a web designer who does not simply get the job done, but brings her creative ideas and marketing-oriented approach to her work! And this approach helped a great deal to our company and our online customers, as well!”

István Glázer, Vác
owner of Repeta Restaurant, Vác

My newest works…

Daily UI #006 – a profile

Today’s topic was a character profile. Being a fan of Blizzard games, I decided to work a bit on the WoW armory on mobile devices. The goals were simple – squeezing as many information and functions as possible into one screen, while keeping it clean and understandable. 


There are several myths on the internet about what your ideal diet should be, and they are rarely coming from professionals, making it difficult for people to distinguish actual information from incomplete ones. In all this noise, a professional dietitian stood up for those who wish to receive correct guidelines from a professional dietitian. This mission had to show in the visual communication of penrose.hu, as well, so the challenge was given…