About me

Digital design has been a hobby of mine since my teenage years. I used to spend my freetime photoediting, digital painting, and exploring CSS, HTML, and various CMS interfaces at that time. I loved creating templates for MySpace 🙂

Realizing my hobby could be turned into a profession was an amazing experience! Now I am taking advantage of my BsC in Marketing, and experience in both marketing and web development in order to create beautiful AND functional digital products. I make designs that are not “just pretty” – but also support marketing messages and company objectives.

I am comfortable with working closely with other graphic designers, developers, and marketing staff. I thrive in a team of professionals, as well as I am happy to work individually. I am not afraid to present new ideas, and I always value feedback.

I design for both online and printed. I have worked on smaller projects like business cards, menus, and logos. and bigger tasks, like brand identities, book covers, and social media graphics or Google AdWords creatives. I am familiar with online marketing and remarketing techniques.

For the web, I create wireframes, mock-ups, design plans, and I am also the one to code these using CMS, CSS and HTML. As for CMS I use WordPress primarily, but I am a quick learner who finds her way around new interfaces quickly, due to spending her freetime exploring these.

As a person I value constant improvement and growth. I believe there is always something to learn in design, especially in web design and I am always ready for professional challenges.

I am interested in developing further in the UI/UX field, and excelling in print design. My goal is to be the versatile co-worker who is a great addition to the team that needs a creative!

Make sure you check my social media channels for more works! 🙂