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Daily UI #006 – a profile

Today’s topic was a character profile. Being a fan of Blizzard games, I decided to work a bit on the WoW armory on mobile devices. The goals were simple – squeezing as many information and functions as possible into one screen, while keeping it clean and understandable.

There are several myths on the internet about what your ideal diet should be, and they are rarely coming from professionals, making it difficult for people to distinguish actual information from incomplete ones. In all this noise, a professional dietitian stood up for those who wish to receive correct guidelines from a professional dietitian. This mission had to show in the visual communication of, as well, so the challenge was given…

There’s a great place in Vác to eat burgers, tortillas, and different specialties every week… but if you’d rather enjoy streetfod from the comfort of your home, is for you!


Book covers, drink cards, business cards, coupons… come on in for an extensive gallery of all these

HD-Honti is a B2B print office in the heart of Budapest, working for well-known banks, local organizations, food producing companies and many more. I was co-operating with their graphics for many weeks before launch…

Home energetics are an important aspect of one’s life. Knowing how much energy (heat, electricity) you waste is important for your own wallet’s sake, as well as the environment’s protection. The fact that such documents are compulsory, is not neglectable either. is a furniture store located in Vác, specialised in selling, delivering and assembling furniture in the area. The employees had a hard time handling their old webshop and asked for a simpler solution instead.

I’m in the news…

On Tuesday one of my clients (who owns a gym) asked me to “do something nice” with their Facebook profile picture. I saw the opportunity and I took it…

My first Citylight Poster

I got an order from a local gym (Royal Fitness Vác) just a few weeks ago. I usually help them out in their Facebook communication and other small graphic works but this time it was something different. They rent a Citylight case for whole 2016 and they asked me to design their poster. And I gladly did.

So here I am, with my first creation easily being taller than me – I’m honored 🙂