Butorbolt-Vac.hu is a furniture store located in Vác, specialised in selling, delivering and assembling furniture in the area. The employees had a hard time handling their old webshop and asked for a simpler solution instead.

My task was to import old content from their webshop into a WP engine. I knew that handling the stock and catalogues of the webshop was the issue for the employees, so I had to do something that makes it easier for them. They said they were okay with e-mailing price offers or catalogues, and arranging personal meetings. So I uploaded images, catalogues, and created a contact form for every type of furniture they had. This way people can contact them about the furniture they would like to see, and they can arrange a time and date for that.

A new design was also part of the brief. Their old webshop was clean, but very outdated. I knew their main message was helping people who had a hard time with self-serving stores, delivering and assembling their furniture. This is a friendly, helpful approach. Instead of the clean design, I created a more welcoming atmosphere by using a wood background, and warm colors like dark brown and orange. I’m particularly proud of tweaking box shadows in CSS in a way it makes the menu look engraved the engraved.


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