Graphic Design

As a designer, one has to be quite versatile these days. Usually, when a client needs a new webpage they also need other promotional materials designed – both digital and printed. These can be new business cards, some flyers, a few AdWords or Facebook ads, a menu for their restaurant or a CityLight poster for their new campaign.
Having to find a completely new designer for smaller tasks like this can be tiring, and costly both money- and timewise. Thus I pick up orders for designing other graphic elements, as well.

Here you can find more detailed case studies about my graphic works. Click here to see the full gallery of graphics.

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There’s a great place in Vác to eat burgers, tortillas, and different specialties every week… but if you’d rather enjoy streetfod from the comfort of your home, is for you!


Book covers, drink cards, business cards, coupons… come on in for an extensive gallery of all these

My first Citylight Poster

I got an order from a local gym (Royal Fitness Vác) just a few weeks ago. I usually help them out in their Facebook communication and other small graphic works but this time it was something different. They rent a Citylight case for whole 2016 and they asked me to design their poster. And I gladly did.

So here I am, with my first creation easily being taller than me – I’m honored 🙂