You’ve probably paid with your credit card online, used online booking interfaces or some sort of internet bank. Have you faced this problem where the form just won’t accept the information provided? No error message, no feedback, but the form just won’t send.

These online systems appear in more and more fields in our lives now. Thus, it’s important to make them usable and likeable for the people using them. If it’s easier to make your way to the nearest tourist office rather than book your holidays online, then there is room for development on that interface.

UX and UI design are crucial for this development which I wish to be part of, in order to create more usable and popular interfaces.

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Daily UI #006 – a profile

Today’s topic was a character profile. Being a fan of Blizzard games, I decided to work a bit on the WoW armory on mobile devices. The goals were simple – squeezing as many information and functions as possible into one screen, while keeping it clean and understandable.