Web Design

For web design, I collaborate with a team consisting of marketing professionals, a developer, other graphic designers occasionally, and of course, the clients themselves. In the case of a webpage my tasks are setting up color palettes, moodboardswireframes and mock-ups of the new webpage. After the plans are accepted, I work on the CSS and some HTML in a CMS environment (usually WordPress or ShopRenter) so that the design comes to life.


There are several myths on the internet about what your ideal diet should be, and they are rarely coming from professionals, making it difficult for people to distinguish actual information from incomplete ones. In all this noise, a professional dietitian stood up for those who wish to receive correct guidelines from a professional dietitian. This mission had to show in the visual communication of penrose.hu, as well, so the challenge was given…


There’s a great place in Vác to eat burgers, tortillas, and different specialties every week… but if you’d rather enjoy streetfod from the comfort of your home, repeta-vac.hu is for you!