Daily UI #004 – a calculator – prototyping and UXpin adventures

It’s the weekend, I’m done with all my exams and both sitebuilding course and Norwegian lessons start next month… what to do? My next Daily UI task was creating a calculator which was done in 30-ish. So I thought – hey, this is the perfect opportunity to try and make a prototype!

I usually spend 3-4 hours on a UI. It includes inspiration, research, sketches, testing buttons and features on notes, at least. And then I make the final, one interface that I post eventually. However I know where every single link navigates and what buttons do there, and why.

But compared to a landing page, a calculator is a short task, and there isn’t much to learn either. I decided to spend the remaining time with learning about prototyping and interactions. My goal was a prototype that is enough for a few seconds long GIF.

So I headed over to UXpin, because that seemed to be the most popular prototyping tool. Started my free trial and created the main screen there. After that, I created a menu, and a history panel, too. I spent the next hour discovering the features, reading up  on interactions in UXpin articles. Following some guides and common sense, I managed to create my precious GIF: