Photoshop Brush Set – Maple Leaf

A free Photoshop brush set of maple leaves, made by me, created in Photoshop CS6. Learn more about download and import of this brush…

How to Download the Free Maple Leaf Photoshop Brush?

Download this brush from my Google Drive or from my deviantArt. This is a .abr file.
Important: if you’re not signed up or logged in to deviantArt, you can’t download the brush. Google Drive however doesn’t require you to have any kind of account.

How to import the Free Maple Leaf Photoshop Brush?

 Open your Photoshop and go to Edit > Presets > Preset Manager and press Load… . It opens a familiar interface where you can find and select the brush. Hit Done and press B or select the brush tool. Right click to your document, scroll down and you can find the maple leaf brush at the bottom of the brush list.
TIP: increase spacing to get gracefully spread leaves, instead of a wet pile.

How to increase brush spacing in Photoshop?

 Go to Window > Brush or just press F5. Now look for this button on the right side of your image:

Spacing is probably on 25% or so. Simply, slide it to 100% or whichever fits your design the most.


Enjoy! 🙂