Royal-Fitness.hu wished to close their webshop and use their online presence to promote their gym instead.

Since products were no longer online, renting a webshop engine was no longer necessary. My task was to import original content from the old webshop. This included creating all pages, and sub-pages for trainings, and staff. We had to pay special attention to automatized processes, for example whenever a trainer leaves the gym, and their sub-page is removed, it automatically gets removed from every listing rather than an employee having to go over every page and remove them manually. We used WP taxonomies for that – each of the trainings were a “post” in the taxonomy of Trainings, and the trainers were also posts in a separate taxonomy. This way, whenever a staff member leaves the gym, deleting their post automatically removes the link to their page from any widget, or listings. Also, we could use different tags and categories to make navigation easier.

The news are placed in a separate category, and any blog post that is about recipees, changes, announcements related to the gym are placed in a different WP page on a sub-domain. It has a direct link from the menu, and the design is similar, so people recognize the colors of Royal Fitness Club.

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